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We provide system-engineering solutions for multilateral aspects and a wide scope of applications

Research and development

Our R&D policy is to recognize market needs ahead of others and focus on them as our R&D direction. We promote marketing of high-quality products — derived from our dedicated R&D — along with the company brand.


Quality control

Delivering only the highest-quality and most reliable products is our starting point and promise, thereby strengthening the bonds between customers and the company.



Our company was founded with motor control technologies as its business base. Since then, we have been advancing development and application of our stepping motors in various industrial fields.

In line with current market trends, we are continuing efforts to increase our knowhow for the development and manufacture of motor controllers, as well as micro-step drivers for stepping motors.

Based on our technological knowledge in motor control and the technologies related to the manufacture of aerospace motors, we are developing and manufacturing system devices by designing motors and actuators with which to combine and configure a system for specific use in each market.